Planning a wedding can certainly be both fun and hectic. It can even inspire deep thought. One of the areas there seems to be the most questions about is how to choose the wording for bridal shower invitations. There’s a wide range of areas that invitations can head in and I’m sure we’ve all seen a few that just weren’t as great as they could have been.

Don’t worry, if you need some bridal shower invitation ideas you’ve come to the right place. After reading our tips on wording invitations here writing yours will be a breeze!

* Make Sure You Include all the Vital Information. Okay, before we get into the wording for the bridal shower invitations, it’s absolutely essential that you make sure you have all the information in front of you. There’s nothing worse than leaving something important out. Think of this as the three W’s: When (the time of the day, day of the week and the month), Where (where it’s being held) and What (this will describe the theme of the bridal shower.) Don’t miss any of this vital in formation and you are off to a good start.

Bridal Shower Invitations

* The Big Question: Formal or Informal. Now the choice between wording for bridal shower invitations formally or informally is certainly a matter of personal taste, but my advice is to lean towards the fun and informal. This type of spirit carries over into the bridal shower, which is a celebration after all. So when in doubt lean towards the fun! Of course if you inject some humor have it be good spirited. A bridal shower invitation is no place for sarcasm or dark humor.

* Play with the Wording. Consider a nice introduction with a little something about the bride and the groom. This makes for a nice touch and can open hearts up and create smiles. Also, it will keep the bridal shower in mind, which is one of the purposes of sending out invitations after all!

* Professional Design? The choice of using a professional to layout the invitation depends on your own level of creativity and artistic skill. If you do lay it out yourself be sure you pick a font that can be easily read. It hardly makes sense to put so much thought into the wording for bridal shower invitations if a choice of a poor font or combination of poor fonts makes its readability poor. Remember to choose a font color that compliments the theme of the bridal shower. The more all the different parts of the shower fit in with each other the better! When in doubt about your ability to layout the invitation use a professional. They are often quite inexpensive for a service like this. Just be sure you clearly communicate your vision to them.

* Make Sure You Have Fun! Okay setting up the bridal shower can be a bit stressful, but do make sure you have fun and enjoy the process too! This will carry over into the feel of the invitation and ultimately the shower itself. Remember this is a celebration so smile!

With these tips in mind I’m sure your wording for bridal shower invitations will flow like magic. Good luck and I hope everyone enjoys the big day!