Wedding bells are nearer, and it is that time of sending out invites, so how do you make the wedding shower invitations wording creatively? There are numerous ways to tell people they are getting invites to a pre-wedding party or a wedding shower for the soon- to- be bride and groom. It is essential to follow certain etiquette while being creative and unique on the invitation wording.

I personally think that the wedding shower invitations wording should reflect the couple’s personality. Thus if one has the task of writing and issuing the invitations for a wedding shower party within a few days to a wedding, one should ensure the invitations get worded with the right tone and etiquette that will not embarrass the bride and groom.Wedding Shower Invitations Wording- Dropping A Few Hints about the Party

Wedding Shower Invitations Wording

There are several ways to invite people to a wedding shower, with different ways to celebrate wedding showers and probably endless ways of enjoying. As a host, there are preferences on your part and preferences of the couple; both have to complement and reflect in the invitation. Drop a few hints in the invitations about the party and how it will be like. If it is a beach plan or a tea party or an outdoor barbeque, then make some few indications and alert the visitors of what to expect.

Most wedding shower invitations have a theme for the wedding shower party. Numerous shower samples designs can be found online that can provide a good idea on how to create a unique invitation.Couples Wedding Shower Invitations Wording Ideas If the option is an outdoor barbeque party, write two lines about the outdoor setting arrangement. Simple verses and rhymes are great ways of drafting the invites. There is no need for lengthy wordings. Prose and Poetry are also great alternatives of writing the invites. Some song lyrics, poems and love quotes fit into a wedding theme nicely. Amusing one-liners and sayings can make for impressive and great sounding wedding shower invitation words.Add Fun to Your Wedding Shower Invite Wording

The fun of wedding parties like bridal showers starts from creative invitations. The invitations need to make the guests anticipate fun. Fun couple games can lighten the party. Hinting such plans in the invitation is sure to excite the guests.

Keep in mind that the invitations need to have some little formality but not too serious. The guests need to feel the anticipation and excitement they can expect at the party. Etiquette is essential, no need for sarcasm or offending words to any person.

The wedding shower invitations should also feature information on directions to the venue, the schedule and timing of events and probably some brief introduction of what and whom the event is celebrating. Also having a Professional or someone experienced in doing the wordings will make the invitations look exquisite.

Photos and clip arts can also make the wedding shower invitations wording more fun and amusing but do not take it overboard. Save the best part of fun for the event!