One of the most important duties you have as a best man is delivering a best man speech. Sure, the bachelor party will way more fun, but the best man speech is an integral part of the wedding reception and is your opportunity to show the groom how much you care.

You speech should largely be directed at the groom. This does not mean you get to totally forget that the bride is there, though. It is her day as well, so make sure to have some words prepared for her too.

One thing to keep in mind is that the bride and groom’s family members are all present at the wedding. Even though you and the groom may find that one night in college hilarious, the family may have a different barometer. Keep your speech family friendly.

On the other hand, you do not want to completely remove the color from your speech. If you and the groom have done some crazy stuff together, remind him of all the fun times! Additionally, you can share any meaningful moments you have had together.

The most important thing to remember with your best man speech is that this speech is directed to your best friend. The speech should be just as personal and meaningful as your relationship.

Where to start your best man speech:

As you begin your best man speech, make sure you stay true to who you are and to the relationship you have with the groom. If you have a super casual personality, a buttoned-up solemn speech will ring false.

The first thing you should do when you begin your speech is to introduce yourself. Even though the guests have seen you standing at the front of the ceremony, they may not know you personally. If you are a sibling of the groom, make sure people know that too.

The beginning of your speech is also a good place to share how you and the groom know each other. Whether this be a funny childhood memory or a later-in-life encounter, giving this story will give your best man speech some context.

Overall, the beginning of your speech should be fairly short and to the point. Best man speeches are typically between two and four minutes long, so keep this in mind when planning. It is always good to check in with the bride and groom as to what they are expecting as well.

What goes in the body of your speech:

The body of the best man speech will be where you can really shine. This is a good place for some lighthearted jabs at the groom. Whether it be an embarrassing childhood story or a more resent event, these jokes are standard issue with best man speeches.

In addition to the story, you can also make some jokes about the groom’s personality. Keep it light, though. For instance, a comment about the groom’s inability to cook is good; a comment about his love of blondes in college is less so.

Though humor is expected in a best man speech, you will also want to include something a bit more on the sentimental side. This can be the perfect place to share about the bride and groom’s relationship.

For instance, telling a story of how you knew the groom was in love can be a great addition. Or, if you were roommates when they started dating, tell everyone about their first date. If they met in a less than family friendly way, though, maybe leave this out.

Make sure that you do not leave the bride totally out of the speech. You can still keep it partially focused on the groom if you do not know the bride well, but talk about her positive influence on the groom at the very least.

How to end the speech:

The ending of the best man speech is the simplest part: the toast. Every wedding speech ends with a toast and the best man speech is no different. There are a couple different options here, so your own personal taste and style come into play.

Right before the toast section, it is also appropriate to say a quick thank you to the bride and groom and share why you appreciate them. This section of the speech will be solely directed at them and can be a more personal.

As you move into the toast section of your speech, you will want to ask everyone to stand and raise their glasses. Not only does this signal to the guests that the speech is coming to an end, but it invites everyone to participate in wishing the bride and groom well.

If you want to go the traditional route, a simple “to the bride and groom” is appropriate. Otherwise there are a number of alternatives that can also be used. Think about what you want to wish them in their life together and base your toast around that.

Conclusion and recommendations:

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