Maid of honor speeches can span anywhere from serious and sentimental to downright hilarious. Writing a speech can be stressful enough as it is, so delivering a funny maid of honor speech can be the perfect way to cut the tension.

The humor you choose for your speech will rely heavily on the relationship you have with the bride. If the bride is your sister, then childhood stories can be a wealth of inspiration for humor.

If you and the bride are best friends, you probably have a lot of material to choose from as well. Just remember that weddings are family affairs, so any jokes you make will need to be family friendly and keep the bride out of hot water.

A funny maid of honor speech can be the perfect addition to a wedding reception. While the mother of the groom and father of the bride speeches tend to be a bit more emotional, the maid of honor and best man get a bit more leeway for humor and levity.

The main goal of your speech is to communicate to the bride how much your relationship matters to you. Additionally, it can be a great way to welcome the groom and express your happiness for them both. Humor will certainly aid in these goals.

What to keep serious: Funny maid of honor speech

Although the bulk of your speech can be funny, there are a few things which should be left serious. For instance, joking about the bride’s ex-boyfriends is totally off the table. In fact, they should probably not even make an appearance in your speech.

Another potential place where jokes are inappropriate is in your comments about the groom. While you may think he is a great guy, if you joke about “wanting one for yourself” or ask if he has any brothers, it may ruffle some feathers in the wrong way.

Inside jokes are also typically inappropriate for a maid of honor speech, even a funny one. While the bride may think they are hilarious, no one else will follow and the joke will fall flat. You do not want to leave people in the dark with your jokes as it can be alienating.

Sarcasm also does not have a place in any wedding speech, even if you and the bride joke around like that all the time. Not everyone will find your biting wit charming and it could come across as crass or inappropriate.

A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if your joke could be misconstrued when you are writing. If you cannot tell yourself, ask another one of the bridesmaids what she thinks. They will probably have a good perspective to share with you.

What to joke about:

While there are some things that are inappropriate to joke about, do not be discouraged. A funny maid of honor speech can really set a great tone for the evening and get people laughing after they shed some tears during the parents’ speeches.

If you have known the bride since childhood, those stories can be a great resource. Maybe the bride has planned her wedding since she was six, or maybe she had a list of traits for her perfect guy when she was in high school. These stories are sure to make people laugh.

Another great reservoir of humor is the bride and groom’s love story from your perspective. For instance, consider how you knew the bride had found “the one.” People do some silly thing when they are in love. Tell the guests about it!

The groom can also add some humor into the speech. Did he ever do something romantic and a little corny for the bride? Those stories can be funny while still maintaining a certain amount of “aw” factor.

One of the biggest things to remember is that the humor of your speech is all about the details. This goes back to the storytelling factor. Rather than a generic “she is a great person,” tell the guests a story about why she’s a great person and what makes their love story wonderful.

How to bring it all together:

All wedding speeches end with a toast and yours will be no different. If you want to keep with the funny tone of your maid of honor speech, there are a couple different ways to tie it all together.

One way is to tie your toast back to one of the funny stories you told earlier. For example, if you told a story about the groom learning how to knit because the bride liked to knit, wish them many years of learning new things.

Another way to tie it all together is with a quote. A simple search of the internet can offer you a number of great quotes from movies, literature, or anything in between. Or, for an extra funny note, quote an unexpected source, like the bride’s favorite country singer.

Conclusion and recommendation:

A funny maid of honor speech can be the perfect way to go, but it can also be a daunting task to write and deliver. There are many resources at your disposal for crafting the perfect speech.

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