When preparing for your wedding, you should not just focus on the reception but also on the main ceremony itself. This is the time when you become husband and wife officially and celebrate your love in front of your family, friends and, depending on your wedding ceremony type, in front of the law or the church.

Although there are couples who use the standard format for their wedding ceremony, others tend to make their own. When planning the wedding ceremonies and the speeches that will be included in the main ceremonies, there are some things you have to think about.

What type of wedding ceremony will you hold?

Weddings can have different themes and styles and be of different lengths. Talk to your fiancé about what kind of wedding ceremony you want to have.

Should it be long? Traditional? Civil? Catholic? Mixed? When deciding on the style or theme you select, make sure that you are both comfortable with it and make sure that the length is something you and your guests will be ok with.

What is the message of your wedding?

You need a premise when it comes to making wedding ceremonies and writing your speeches. This will make sure that everyone will see the underlying theme of the ceremony or the theme of the couple’s relationship. It will also bind the entire ceremony together perfectly.

Do you want it to be a blast from the past? Do you want it to be contemporary? Talk about the message you want to convey because this will help you plan your entire wedding ceremony, make sure the vows match the theme and help the officiant direct you to the correct path when writing your wedding ceremony speeches.

What parts will the wedding ceremony include?

Nowadays, wedding ceremonies are varied in terms of what is included and what the speeches are like.

Here are the most notable wedding ceremony parts that you should remember: Wedding ceremony speeches

– Introduction: Welcome each and every guest and do the usual things such as telling guests to put their phone on silent or turn it off throughout the ceremony.

– Sermon/Sharing: Depending on the type of ceremony you have, this may be done by the officiant of the ceremonies. In church weddings, this will be given by the priest or the minister.

In civil weddings and other types of weddings, it is done by a family friend or even the civil official who officiates the ceremony. The speech may be about a reading from the Bible, a proverb, song or even your very own written story.

– Readings: For this part of the wedding ceremony, the officiant will call on a reader or readers who will share a Bible passage, short story or poem that has a message for the couple in their early years.

– Declaration of intent and vow: The declaration of intent is very important and must not be exempted from your wedding ceremony. The couple will be asked if both parties will take the other as their legally wedded half with an answer that can range from “Yes Father” to “Yes definitely.”

After declaring their intent, the couple share their vows which can be done impromptu or prepared. Just make sure you stick with your theme or add something that means a lot to both of you.

– Ring ceremony and the vow: Afterwards, the ring ceremony is done where the couple exchange rings and seal their marriage. You can even say a second vow as you put the ring to your love’s finger.

– Pronouncement: In this part, the officiant will declare that you and your fiancé are now husband and wife. He may say something completely random for this part like ‘Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Han Solo’ if by any chance you like Star Wars.

– Kiss: End with the big kiss to make things official!

What can make it special?

Don’t be afraid to add something random but completely dear to you and your partner in your wedding ceremony speeches. If you are a fan of a hit television or movie franchise, add a reference from it to your vows or your wedding ceremony speeches.

Just make sure that it blends well with your ceremony and the message you want to convey. Try to mix and match the way you can deliver the ceremony. Your wedding is your moment and it has to be something that you feel very comfortable with.

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