So, your sister asked you to make a speech on her wedding day. While writing and delivering a wedding speech for your sister is one of the greatest honors and privileges, it can also be a huge and difficult responsibility.

Familial speeches are often on the sentimental side; this one is no different. Whether you are a brother or sister, older or younger, making a speech at your sister’s wedding has a big impact.

You will want to balance the sentimentality of your speech with some humor, however. Since you have known your sister longer than anyone around, you probably have some great stories. Make sure they are not too embarrassing, though; it is her wedding day.

If you are a younger sibling, it can be nice to express how much you have looked up to your sister over the years. If you are the older sibling, expressing your pride and giving some advice is also a great option.

At the end of the day, your main goal in this speech is to express your love for your sister and to welcome her new husband into the family. The groom has just gained a new sibling, so make sure he knows he is welcome.

Making a Wedding Speech for Your Sister:

Deciding where to start your speech is one of the most difficult parts. Since you are an immediate family member, a standard place to start is by welcoming everyone to the wedding on behalf of your family.

You will also need to introduce yourself at the beginning of your speech. Do not assume everyone knows who you are.

While your family certainly knows you, the other guests may not. This is also a good place to tell people about your relationship with your sister.

If it helps you to write the speech chronologically, talking about your childhood memories is a good place to begin. Telling everyone about your childhood will set the stage for your current relationship with your sister.

If you and your sister did not get along as children, it can be a great wealth of humorous stories. It will also show everyone how far you have come in your relationship that you are speaking at her wedding.

Before you get too far into your speech, you will also want to welcome your new brother-in-law into the family. It is not only your sister’s happiest day but also his. Make sure he knows that you are excited about welcoming him as a brother.

What goes in the body of your speech:

The body of your wedding speech for your sister can focus on where your relationship with her is now. You have already covered your childhood memories in the opening of your speech, so it is time to move forward with stories from the recent past and present.

If you had a wedding of your own recently, you can talk about how your sister helped you and was there for you then. If you did not have a recent wedding, choosing another story which instills a theme of mutual support can be a nice addition.

This is also the prime time to talk about your sister’s relationship with her new husband. You can either talk about it as an outside observer or share a story. A story will most likely have more of an impression.

A story about how your sister met her groom can be a good addition. Alternatively, you can tell everyone about how you knew your sister had found “the one.” It can be anything from what she told you to how her attitude changed.

The body of the speech is also an excellent place for sharing how your sister has changed for the better since meeting her husband. Maybe she took up rock climbing or simply became a more complete person. Either way, it is a nice way to honor your new brother-in-law.

How to end the speech:

When it comes time to end your speech, you will end the way all wedding speeches end: with a toast. The toast is the universal way to signal the end of your speech.

The first thing you will need to do is ask everyone to rise and raise their glasses with you. Not only does this signal the ending of your speech, but it also invites everyone to be an active participant in what you have to say.

The actual words you choose for your toast can be anything from a simple “to the bride and groom,” to a full traditional blessing. Base the tone and length of your toast on the tone of your speech as a whole. Ending a ten-minute speech with five words will fell abrupt.

The toast should serve as the final icing to your speech, so do not neglect it completely. One nice way to tie things together is to incorporate one of your childhood stories into your well-wishing.

Conclusion and recommendations:

Even though delivering a wedding speech for your sister can be one of the greatest joys and privileges, it can also be seen as a burden. If you are not comfortable with public speaking, it could even become the most stressful part of the day.

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At the end of the day, your wedding speech for your sister will leave a great impression.