Every wedding couple would love to have a memorable and special wedding ceremony. To add the cute factor, some couples have little flower girls or junior bridesmaid accompanying them to walk down the aisle. It can be challenging yet fun to choose junior bridesmaid dresses for the little one. The choice of the bridesmaid dress should reflect the taste and personality of the wedding couple as well as complement the wedding gown of the bride.

The selection of the design and style of junior bridesmaid dresses is of utmost importance. The little bridesmaid would look best in basic and simple clothing. White or pastel color are the best and safest bet for a classic and timeless chic look. Pastel and white colors will help create a clean and natural look for the wedding. These colors should also complement the bride’s wedding gown. As little girls have beautiful and flawless skin, they would look good in a simple white dress with little adornments.

Choosing Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Create a perfect flower girl look by having your junior bridesmaid wear a white dress complete with flower tiara and bracelet. If you going for a casual look for wedding ceremonies at beaches, you can dress your little bridesmaid in floral dresses or dresses with bold prints. Bright and vivid colors can create a playful and lively atmosphere for your wedding. This is especially so for primary colors like yellow, red and blue.

Choose a color that she look the best in! Little bridesmaids can wear their hair in adorable ponytails or braids. It is important to keep their hair neat and tidy in case they run about and get too excited for the ceremony. Hair that is tied up will look messy and untidy.

For junior bridesmaid dresses, the comfortable factor is of utmost importance. Children tend to be more active and perspire more as they run around. It is important that the material of the dress is comfortable and soft enough, especially in hot weather. The dress should also fit the junior bridesmaid perfectly and not dig into her flesh.

It would be best to source for a junior bridesmaid dress that is made of breathable fabric as it would not be nice for the little bridesmaid to perspire in the middle of your wedding ceremony. Choose a lightweight material like silk, cotton or linen for the little dress. The last thing you want your junior bridesmaid is to have a major meltdown when wearing a cumbersome and uncomfortable dress as she walks down the aisle with you and your loved one.

Another thing to take note is the length of the junior bridesmaid dresses. For a more elegant and sophisticated look, you can choose to make a junior bridesmaid dress that is slightly below her kneecap. Do not make her wear a long dress as you would run the risk of her tripping over the dress during the wedding ceremony.

It can be fun yet stressful to choose junior bridesmaid dresses for the little one. Choose the correct junior bridesmaid dresses to make your wedding a great and fantastic one!