So, your son is getting married and you have to give a speech. The mother of the groom speech can take place at either the rehearsal dinner or at the wedding reception itself. Regardless of the location, the mother of the groom speech is an important piece of the wedding festivities.

Like the father of the bride speech, your speech is a place to both say thank you to the guests and to speak directly to your son. If you are delivering your speech at the rehearsal dinner, the audience will typically be a bit more intimate and your speech can reflect that.

Although some couples choose to forego speeches as a whole, if they include any, the mother of the groom will be a common feature. Make sure to get your son’s take on what the tone of their wedding will be and try to reflect that.

Making speeches can be a stressful duty, especially if you are not a comfortable public speaker. Remember that the primary goal of a mother of the groom speech is to express your love for your son while putting the guests at ease.

Where to start your mother of the groom speech:

There are a couple places to begin your mother of the groom speech. The first, and most common, place to start is with a blanket welcome and thanks to everyone present at the wedding.

If you are delivering your speech at the rehearsal dinner, then your thanks will be directed at the wedding party and family. This is presumably the group that has given the most help and time for the wedding; make sure to honor that!

The groom’s family is traditionally responsible for the rehearsal dinner, so this is your moment to make people feel welcome. Imagine you are hosting these people at your home. You want them to feel comfortable, so the beginning of your speech will set that tone.

If you are going for a more humorous approach, starting your speech with a funny anecdote about the groom is a great idea. Presumably, you have some entertaining stories about your son growing up. There are few better places to share them than at his wedding.

No matter the approach you take, the beginning of your speech will set the tone for the remainder. You will want to keep it personal, but also reflect the style of the wedding as a whole.

What goes in the body of your speech:

The body of your mother of the groom speech will depend largely on your own personal style. No matter the style, though, this is the place to speak directly to your son.

If you are going with a humorous approach, try sharing a funny childhood story to get people laughing. If you are going with a sentimental approach, go with a sweet story of something you and your son share.

Although your primary focus will be on your relationship with your son, do not forget to include his bride! She is your new daughter, so you will want to welcome her into the family as well.

You can approach your welcome from either a heartfelt or humorous perspective as well. For laughs, try telling her about your son’s habit of leaving his socks around the house, for example.

No matter what, you want your new daughter to be at ease with you and the family.

The body of your speech is also the appropriate time for any motherly advice to your son and his new wife. Whether you impart some marriage advice or simply some helpful life advice, your matriarchal position carries valuable weight.

How to end the speech:

Pretty much all wedding speeches end the same way: with a toast. Like the rest of your speech, you will want your particular toast to reflect your personality, the tone of the wedding, and your relationship with your son.

If you did not get a chance to impart any wisdom during the body of your speech, you can do so here as well. This advice is usually focused toward the bride and groom as a couple rather than just your son.

The single to the crowd that your mother of the groom speech is coming to an end is the toast. You will ask everyone to rise or simply raise their glasses. The traditional “to the bride and groom” allows everyone to join in with you at the end of the toast, which can be a nice touch.

Most wedding toasts evoke some sentimentality, which is totally acceptable. The level of emotion will of course depend on the tone of your toast. Humor and sentiment are both welcome. Either way, the toast is your place to wish the newlyweds happiness as their mother.

Conclusion and recommendations:

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