In wedding ceremonies, the mother of the bride usually does not give a speech. However, when the father of the bride is absent, it is the mother of the bride who makes the speech.

In some weddings, the mother and father of the bride both give a speech. Regardless of the circumstances as to why you are preparing a mother of the bride speech for your daughter’s wedding, your speech has to be magnificent and show the love you have to your child and welcome the new addition to the family.

Here are some short tips on what you should consider when you draft your mother of the bride speech:

Welcome the wedding guests

Start off by welcoming the guests invited to witness this special day for your daughter and her husband. Make sure you also cite those who traveled a long way just for this very day.

Speak about your son-in-law

Whether you like your in-law or not, your speech should be welcoming and express your happiness for this special day. This day is not for you to criticize or express your doubts over your son-in-law.

Greet your daughter’s in-laws

If you are hosting the wedding celebrations, you have to make sure you are a gracious host to your in-laws because they will see a lot of them as the newlyweds establish their family together. If they helped in the wedding preparations, thank them for their efforts. Talk about the preparations done for the wedding

Share small tidbits on how the wedding preparations were done. You can make people laugh in this bit when you share some bloopers in the preparations.

If speaking on behalf of the absent father, talk about the bride and the father’s relationship

If by chance you are speaking in the place of the absent father, talk about the relationship between your daughter and their father and even cite some memorable instances between them.

Keep it short

When you give your speech, always make sure you keep it short because there will be other speakers that will go after you. You also need to make sure that it will not be boring to the audiences so try making a speech that lasts no more than 5 to 10 minutes. Let your emotions out but not too much

Make sure your speech is filled with love for your daughter. Tell her how much you love her, how proud you are and how beautiful she is.

Of course, don’t be too emotional because you might end up not finishing your speech. It may also cause your audiences to stop listening.

Don’t make it sound like your daughter’s job interview

While your daughter has achieved a lot of things in her life, you can indeed include one or two achievements. But don’t include everything and in chronological order as to when she achieved it. You may cause your audiences to be alienated from your daughter and even insult others in the process.

Show other sides of your daughter

Although you may think you know your daughter well, your perspective is just one of the many facets that would define your daughter. Ask your children about the side of your daughter you don’t normally see, and speak to her soon-to-be husband and friends about your daughter and then add those snippets to your speech.

Talk to the other speakers

In wedding speeches, there are usually similarities when it comes to what is included in the speeches of the speakers, from the best man to the newlyweds. Try to speak with the other people giving speeches to make sure your draft will not mimic or overlap with their speeches and make the necessary changes without worries. End it with a toast

After you have spoken your piece it is best you ask for a toast to the new couple and wish them well. Just remember not to drink alcohol before you speak because it may prevent you from giving your speech properly.

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