Wedding receptions all have a different format when it comes to who will be speaking and what order. In some cases, brides do not speak in the reception. In others they speak during the festivities or at the end.

If you and your husband-to-be have agreed that you will speak in the wedding reception, you need to prepare a bride wedding speech that will catch everyone’s attention. While in some instances the groom can cover everything in their speech, there are things only the bride can talk about.

Here are some of the things you shouldn’t forget or should consider in your bride wedding speech:

Write a draft

When writing your draft, consider doing a three-part speech that will cover everything you want to include in your speech. You can also include short experiences or use a common theme to make your speech unique.

Others can help you out

If you have finished your draft or you still need more ideas for it, or you want someone to watch you do your speech, ask your friends, your maid of honor  or your mother to help you out. Use their comments and ideas to improve your speech and delivery.

Stay cool and take your time

When it is time for you to speak, make sure you stand tall and relax. Make eye contact and smile at the crowd! Don’t worry about the time; they will listen to you, so pause when you need to collect your thoughts. These breaks will also help your audience understand your statements more easily. Family first

Even if you are married, it is important to talk about your family and the family you are now a part of. Start with talking about them and thanking them. In terms of your own family, thank them for always being there with you and say how much you love them.

Then turn to the family of your husband. Give them your thanks and express your excitement on being a part of their family too. If you know the siblings of your husband, include them in your speech. Also, make sure you assure your husband’s family that you will take good care of him.

Acknowledge those who have passed or couldn’t make it and mean so much to you

One cannot stop destiny and circumstances, leaving some of your most important people unable to be with you. Mention your loved ones who have passed or those who couldn’t make it. Make sure you do not mix these special people in one group. Mention one group first, then turn to the other.

Talk about your love story with your groom

It is best to give your guests a brief idea of how you and your groom met. How did you see your groom for the first time? What was your first impression? When did you realize he was the one? Tell your groom how much you love him and how excited you are about the next chapter of your love. Hand out your special gift to your groom and

Why not mix this with your speech? Usually, it is the groom that hands out the gifts to the family and to the bride. Why not be the one to do this?

Thank everyone for coming

Of course you have to thank everyone for coming to your special day. Address everyone and thank them for being a part of that special day. Make sure they feel special as you thank them and to cap it all off, you can ask for a toast or remark that the party isn’t done yet.

Embrace and enjoy

Regardless of what is in your speech and its format, enjoy delivering your speech. This is the only time you will get to do it so make it count!

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