If the groom has the best man, the bride has a maid of honor.  You are the bride’s right hand woman, helping her with the dress fittings, checking up on the bridesmaid and assisting the bride with her preparations, hen party parties, food testing and the like.

You are also the one behind the bride on her wedding day, fixing her train and veil, providing support and signing as a witness, as well as being the hostess for the bridesmaids and making sure that the bride will be as calm as possible for her special day.

Of course, you will be one of the select few who will be giving a speech on this special day for your bestie and her husband so it’s important you have a speech prepared. With the many things you can say about your friend and her love, it will be difficult to condense everything.

To help you draft your speech and make it as short but meaningful as possible, here are some cool ideas and tips you use to write your maid of honor speech:

Draft early: Short maid of honor speech

In order to get rid of the jitters that come with speaking in public, it is best you take this maid of honor speech as an assignment. Write your draft three weeks before the event and have someone proofread your work.

Begin with a personal introduction

When it comes to speeches such as this one, its best to start off with introducing yourself to the guests and explaining how you know the bride and groom. This will help people know that you are the maid of honor. Thank the parents

Weddings take time, money and effort and usually, parents are the ones who help out and make everything possible. Thank the parents of both families, especially if they are the ones hosting the festivities. You can even call for applause to honor these parents for their contributions. Talk about your best friend: the bride

After your introduction and thanks, hit off with your story on how you and the bride first met. Recall the things you did with her and some of your favorite memories. Just make sure you don’t include the bride’s former flings, drunk stories and other mischief. Speak about the groom

Whether you know the groom personally or you were introduced to the groom by the bride, talk about how you met. What was your reaction and impression of the groom? Don’t be shy to admit it but make sure you don’t hurt his feelings.

Recall some stories about the couple

Couples can have tons of heartfelt stories that people may not know about. Share one or two stories about the couple which changed their relationship for the better. Make it fun with props!

Who says speeches do not need props? If your speech goes well with a prop, use it! You can use old photos of you and the bride, PowerPoint presentations, videos and even the most unexpected items like an old toy, dress and whatnot. Just make sure you do not go overboard with the props!

Quotes, advice and wishes

Whether you want to put it in the first part of your speech or at the end, consider using a very inspiring quote about love or marriage. Make sure it is meaningful and can inspire even the guests.

Keep it short and sweet

Make sure your speech is short and sweet. There will be other occasions to talk more about the bride and groom. Keep  your words as simple as possible. Practice

If you are the type of person who easily gets stage fright, it is best to practice and practice until you are confident enough to do your speech despite the people watching. Write your speech on paper and bring it with you when you are called. Speak slowly and just stay calm

You can’t avoid being nervous on stage. Fake it if you don’t want people to know you are nervous. Speak slowly so people can understand you and stay strong.

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