Normally, men do not make speeches in huge public events and it is only in weddings where they will make an effort to make a speech that is one of a kind. However, since this is their wedding grooms are uncertain as to what they should talk about in this once-in-a-lifetime speech.

If you are a groom worrying about your groom speech, here are some tips you can try out while writing your speech for your big day.

Limit the jokes in your speech or avoid it for the speech: Groom speech

The groom speech is not the time for you to mess around and do a comedic routine. It is ideal that you balance being funny and serious. Make sure that even if your speech is funny, it is sincere. Speak about the things that you love about your wife and how has your life changed since she became a part of your life.

Never fear calling her your wife

Now that you are married, you can’t just call your wife with her first name. Don’t be afraid in calling her “your wife” in your speech. You can even start with phrases like “my wife and I” or “my wife is beautiful; don’t you think?” so you can break the ice before you begin the entire speech.

Talk about your wife

Always make sure that you complement your wife on how beautiful she is. This is one of the very rare times you can shout to the world how much you love your wife so make her feel loved with your speech. Talk about how much you are looking forward to spending your life with your wife and making a family with her. No vulgarity and other offensive content

In this type of speech, you need to make sure that you do not offend anybody even though you know some of your peers or family members will understand it. Don’t use malicious statements and vulgar words for your speech.

  • Eye contact is a must

When you do your groom’s speech, you should thank the people who helped you get to that point such as your parents, relatives, friends and most especially, your wife. When you are talking about them, make sure you look at them in the eye so they can see how sincere you are as you thank them.

Don’t ever talk about your past loves

If you are going to talk about the past in your speech to provide a little background to your love story, it is best you don’t talk about your past girlfriends.

Introduce your wedding party

After thanking the guests and your parents, best thank and introduce your wedding party such as your best man, groomsmen and ring bearer.

Talk about how they helped you throughout the wedding preparations. Your best man should also be mentioned and you should talk about why you chose him for the position and how much your friendship means to you.  Stick to the usual speech structure in groom speeches

If you do not want to make your own personalized structure for your groom speech, there is a traditional structure that you can follow for your groom speech:

  • Thank the parents of the bride and say thanks for your father-in-law’s speech if it was given before your speech.
  • Thank everyone for coming, including the host of your wedding, which may be your bride’s parents. Thank your parents for everything they have done for you while growing up and thank the best man for your bachelor’s party.
  • Thank your wedding coordinators, suppliers and financers who helped you and your bride prepare for the big day
  • Present separate bouquets to the mothers of the two families and then talk about your lovely wife.
  • Offer a toast to the bridesmaids and the maid of honor for helping out your wife on this big day
  • End it with a toast to your beautiful wife and seal it with a kiss

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They will even help you prepare for the big moment to make sure that you will not slip in this important day of your life.