In traditional weddings, the groom’s father often doesn’t give a speech. It’s often the father of the bride who will begin the ceremonies with his speech, followed by the best man, maid of honor and even the mother of the bride.

However, this tradition is no longer followed in some weddings today as the father of the groom is now given the spotlight with the opening toast.

When making a speech for such occasions, fathers tend to focus more on its content. Unfortunately, since they want to include a lot of things in their father of the groom speech, they tend to make mistakes in what should be included.

Here are some tips on how to make your father of the groom speech unforgettable:

Keep it simple

A father of the groom speech should have a very simple structure that will cover your family members and the couple themselves. Try using this small structure for your speech:

  • Introduction: You can talk about thanking the previous speaker for their speech and then thank those who have attended before you begin with your own speech.
  • Talk about the groom: You can begin by telling your son how well he looks, how successful the wedding is and sharing your favorite memory with them. Give them advice on how they can have a happy marriage and let them know how much you love them.
  • Talk about the bride: Start by welcoming the bride to the family and speak about their values. If you knew the bride well before the wedding, add memorable instances that reveal what made you love them.
  • Talk about the couple, add some memorable instances if you have witnessed their relationship blossom.
  • Add a quote you want to dedicate to the couple or a saying that will advise them as to what they can do to be happy and stay together. Wish them well in their next step in their life.
  • Start the toast

You can also add jokes in your speech, but make sure that it will not be offensive for others and that they are relatable. Also make sure these jokes will not make fun of the couple in any way. They need your support.

Limit the exaggerated details in your speech

It is normal for people to succumb to nerves when they are before a crowd and as a result, they may deviate from what they are supposed to say. For this kind of speech, it is important to limit what can be exaggerated and be consistent with what you want to say.

Your listeners may not react to what you are saying if you already crossed the line, but you will notice their expressions as you speak with exaggerations.

The toast speech should be balanced and focus on emotions appropriate for the occasion. Of course, do not just focus too much on emotion because you may sound too selfish by speaking about yourself. If it is too serious, many will be bored with your speech. Add a little humor to break the ice.

Be aware of your gestures

When you make a speech and you feel nervous as you are doing it, you don’t realize that your hands and body movements can signal to others that you are nervous. Your hands will be the most noticeable and will reveal to your audience your current state of mind.

The father of the groom doing the toast speech needs to pay attention to their body language. Try practicing your speech in front of a mirror or your family so you can see where your hands should be located and prevent other nuances that may distract audiences from listening to you.

Let your emotions out

In weddings, it is ok for men and women to display emotions. For parents, this is a day you can cry in happiness alongside the newlyweds and the guests.

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