If white is not your color and if long gowns make you look silly, then by all means ditch the traditional wedding dress for something that is different. If you are not afraid to raise some eyebrows, then there are actually plenty of excellent ideas for non traditional wedding dresses. But first of all, you should know that non traditional does not necessarily mean weird. You don’t need to look like a bride from another planet if you don’t want to wear a typical wedding dress. Non traditional, as far as wedding dresses are concerned, simply means not your ordinary white wedding gown and the thousand or so variations of it.

Great Ideas for Non Traditional Wedding Dresses

Below are some excellent ideas for non traditional wedding dresses.A Colorful Wedding Probably the easiest way to play the role of a rebel bride is to wear a gown that of any color except white. Since time immemorial, white has always been associated with weddings, brides in particular, because it is said to symbolize purity. But let’s face it, not everyone looks great in white, especially women who have very fair skin.

If you don’t want to wear white but still want to keep the blushing bride look, then you should go with dresses in soft pastel colors such as sky blue, sage green or powder pink. These colors though are better suited for weddings held in the daytime. If you are planning an evening wedding, then you should choose more elegant looking colors such as silver or even gold.Be a Sexy Bride If you would rather look red hot than blush, then swap the long train and the veil for something that is short and sexy.

Many brides today are not anymore afraid to flaunt their curves with figure-hugging dresses that leave just quite a few to the imagination. If you think you need to have a body of a supermodel to wear a sexy wedding dress, then you have another think coming. Sexy white dresses are actually ideal for brides of any height and body type. Wearing a sexy wedding dress is much more practical than wearing a traditional wedding and it offers plenty of advantages.

For one, it can be packed easily making it perfect for destination weddings. With a short number, you can also go straight from the wedding to the reception, no need to change.A Themed Wedding Dress Brides who want to wear non traditional wedding dresses can also opt for a themed wedding dress.

Theme weddings are excellent because they allow couples to be playful even in the most important day of their lives. Themes can be anything from sports to movies to hobbies shared by the bride and groom. When you choose a themed wedding dress, just make sure that you get the right designer who would be able to interpret your vision well.

There you have it, three ideas for non traditional wedding dresses that can help unconventional brides to decide on what to wear on her big day.