The latest trend in the design of wedding dresses is breaking from tradition and going for colored wedding dresses, this trend was introduced by Vera Wang and has really picked up with other designers taking note of it. If you are a super contemporary or daring bride, this is the perfect look for you. The colors began in pastels but have really evolved to accommodate many more.

Each color symbolizes a different meaning behind it. Most brides choose to wear colored wedding dresses to convey messages about themselves. White has always been a symbol for purity; if you do not want to wear a white dress but still want to portray purity, you can opt for an ivory dress. Pink is a feminine color which portrays loyalty and love while blue expresses harmony and peace. Purple symbolizes power and royalty while green shows life and fertility. Red symbolizes excitement and passion and black is associated with superiority and modernity.

Tips to Help you in the Search for a Colored Wedding Dresses

Consider the wedding color scheme. The hue of the wedding dress needs to be in synchronization with the wedding theme. However, this does not mean that your bridesmaids should adorn the same exact color as you.Skin Tone and the Hair Color

The wedding dress should complement the color of your skin and that of your hair too. Some colors enhance your tone while others don’t. Colors like brown or blue may not be suitable for brides with dark skins as they tend to make the skin darker. Brighter shades are suitable for dark skins and vice versa.Complementary Colors

Colored wedding dresses, do not have to be bold and big. You can choose to blend complementary colors into the dress to add a wow factor to the wedding day. You could choose to have multiple colored fabrics that have been layered up in sections and ruffles on the dress. The colors have to be pleasing to the eye when mixed. You can color block which is also a fashionable trend.Season

Choose a color according to the season your wedding will take place. If it’s during the spring, fresh shades of light green and pink will do. For autumn, go with warm shades like orange and red.Style

Different colors tend create different feelings which suit different wedding themes. A bridal gown could be dramatic while a pink one can turn out to be feminine and romantic. A hot pick gown makes the bride looks mature and sexy. This comes down to one’s personal taste.

If you are still into the stark white wedding dresses, you can add some colored accents. These could be a full size bold colored bow, a splash of colored embroidery or a small segment of a color you would like. You can also have your dress customized by your favorite designer for you. If you decide to go for a colored wedding gown, try as many colored wedding dresses as you can to find the color that suits you best. Compare prices and designs as well so that you can get the perfect one for you.